Virgin Island Timeshares

The Best that the Caribbean has to Offer virgin islands timeshares

Both the British and United States Virgin Islands present some of the most breathtaking vistas on the planet. The tropical surroundings make these islands some of the most coveted vacation paradises anywhere on the planet. Typically, such areas can be expensive to visit, let alone to purchase a vacation home there. However, there is a way that you can afford to experience the islands of St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John without sacrificing any quality whatsoever, and it's called a US Virgin Islands timeshare property.

Timeshares Provide Affordable Escapes

The most cost-effective way to own vacation property in the Virgin Islands is to buy a timeshare there. I know what most of you are thinking right now: Aren't timeshares expensive? They can be, but not if you purchase them on the secondary market.” To “Aren't timeshares expensive? They can be, but not if you purchase them on the secondary market from a reputable company like SellMyTimeshareNow. These inflated rates are not present on the secondary market (also known as the resale market) where you will pay only the fair market value for the vacation property, a price that’s often thousands less than what the resort is charging. Plus, you can own timeshares from brand name hotel chains like Marriott, Hilton and Westin. 

Try a Timeshare in the US Virgin Islands

Timeshare ownership is a great option for many individuals and families, but it’s always best to try a resort before purchasing a timeshare there. Just like you can buy British and US Virgin Islands time shares on the resale market, you can also rent them. One of the most popular resorts on St. John is Westin St. John Resort and Villas. This gorgeous resort features spacious suites right on the ocean and with up to three bedrooms you can bring the whole family along! 

Even if you decide not to buy, we recommend trying a timeshare simply for the experience, unlike hotels most timeshares have spacious living areas, full kitchens and a full array of on-site amenities and services including restaurants, spas and more.

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