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On the edge of the Caribbean Sea, the Virgin Islands is 140 miles northwest of St. Kitts and 40 miles east of Puerto Rico, lying closely clustered together.  These islands are considered to be part of the Lesser Antilles, though they  are more geographically close to the Greater Antilles in the west.  Stretching only 50 miles from west to east and 67 miles from north to south, its islands lie mostly close together, with only Anegada in the north and St. Croix in the south and relatively isolated.  Only ten of the 107 members of this tropical archipelago are inhabited.

The pleasant climate, the picturesque buildings and the clear beauty of surrounding waters combine to make these Islands an ideal tourist and vacation site for Caribbean resorts. Tourists from the States, from nearby Monarch of the Seas Royal Caribbean Cruise LinePuerto Rico, and from South American and European countries see and enjoy the natural beauties and the pleasant mode of life of this unique section of America. It is especially convenient for visitors from the mainland, for no passports or visas are necessary for travel between the US and the USVI. Likewise, the money and postage are the same as that used in the States, and English is spoken throughout the islands.

The three U.S. principal islands provide impressive experiences for the visitor.  On the Island of St. Thomas, good roads and rugged mountains give unparalleled views of the Virgin group.  Homes cling to the hillsides. Sheltered by bay and mountain is the thriving town of Charlotte Amalie, a free port, and duty free shopping attraction.  Many Cruise Lines bring tourists to Charlotte Amalie every day, year round.  Tourists arriving find many excellent bargains in foreign merchandise; and visitors may bring back to the United States $1200 worth of foreign or luxury goods, duty free.

The long sandy beaches and the crystal-clear waters makes swimming a prime activity.  Fishing and sailing are enjoyed by visitors and natives alike, and there are always sailboats and fishing vessels for rent.  There is a public nine-hole golf course on St. Thomas, a world renowned golf course on St. Croix, and public tennis courts on St. Thomas and St. Croix. There are regular baseball tournaments also.  St. Croix has a race track.  The races are often amusing and sometimes spectacular.  Evening entertainment consists of starlight moonlight sails, dancing the night away or movies in town.


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